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My experience at Animethon

Just if you are not familiar with Animethon here I can explain a lit bit. Animethon is a three-day japanese anime convention, it's a huge show. I had the opportunity to be on the Animethon artist alley this past weekend and has been a big experience for me, I had the chance to meet nice people, feeling so honoured when people were buying my art. I was hearing people saying "I love your style, your art is so cute" and that was filling my heart, motivating me to create more. One person sent to a friend who was attending the show to buy exclusively from my booth, buying my prints and one of my original Totoro, I feel so honoured!





​These girls from the picture above were my favourite customers, they visited me first and decided to walk a little bit more and see what other artists and vendors had, they walked all the booths and they came back to buy my pillows! Aw! just look those smiles! I Love them! 






Also beside my booth I had a very successful artist as a neighbor, he was selling his art like crazy, his art is very cute and he, as a person, is very nice and kind. He was sharing with us some tips here and there and it's nice to see that there is no arrogance at all on an artist that is succeeding. Here I'm sharing with you his website and a pic. His name is Euge and you can find his art here:




Also I had the chance to meet another artist, her product is silly and cute at the same time. I'm sharing here too her website and a photo. Her website is: 

And yes! I'm wearing an Ice cream octopus on my head! XD





Also I met another successful craft artist, blogger that bought one of my Purrmaid pins, she does crochet and amigurumi and has a very successful shop and blog. Also I'm sharing with you her website: Allaboutami



So far was a good experience and seeing these people succeed brings more motivation to my life to be creating and doing what I love and for all the people that bought my art this past weekend a big THANK YOU! <3



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