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Hi there! I'm sharing this super easy watercolour tutorial to make flowers. Are a lot of photos, I just was making sure to have a photo for every step so can be easy for you.

I have been working on watercolour for a few years now and I want to make sure I'm not missing any detail.



- Paper: watercolour or mixed media paper (I'm at least 140 lb, so the paper does not warp!) 
- Your favourite watercolours (I’m using M Graham & Co.)
- 10 round watercolour paintbrush

- Masking tape (I'm using a painter's tape)

- Plywood (I use it to fix the paper but you can use whatever you have as a base to set up your paper) 

Now, let’s get started with the Easy Watercolour Flowers Step by Step Tutorial!





Fix the paper to the plywood or even you can fix it on your table if you don't have a plywood. Fixing the paper helps to stretch it when is wet.





I putted a small amount of colour on my palette because M Graham brand are very vibrant and doesn't need to much.

 Load your brush with water and draw a shape where you want the flower. (this shape doesn't need to be perfect or symmetrical, so don't worry if is not perfect!)

 Then take a bit of colour and...

 ...apply it where the water is.


 And then you can start expanding the shape of your flower as big you want. I used also a blow dryer, but isn't necessary.



 Repeat Step 2 with every flower you want of different colours.





To make that splashy effect I move my brush up and down when over the flower when still wet. here is a photo. Let them dry.








Once the flower shapes are completely dry, apply layers of colour to make the petals. Allow to dry completely between layers to achieve the petals effect. Feel free to add some other colours on your layers to get some contrast. (for example I added a little bit of orange on one of the petal layers on my pink flower also some pink on my orange) You can be creative as much as you want and the key here is have fun! :)





Once the flowers are dry, with the wet brush loaded with colour green make loose stems and leaves




With the wet brush loaded with black colour make the stems and some pistils and Voila! Your master piece is done! Of course let them dry totally before removing the masking tape. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and had a relaxing time painting.

Now, if you read this all and you’re like “that’s cool, but can you make this as a card?” This is a legitimate question! I’m always looking for greeting cards that won’t cost me $8 a piece. Well then, I have got a treat for you! You can download this design for FREE over on my shop. Click the picture below:




Hi Everyone! I'm Nena an artist, a wife, a mama, believer, cat lover and I absolutely love what I do for a living. I hope you enjoyed this DIY watercolour tutorial If you have any questions or just want to say Hi! send me an email to



Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog. Here is a little insight to who I am.  I believe that true calling comes when passion meets purpose.  My passion is my motivation in every artwork that I do-- that is, to add beauty, to inspire, to bring happiness, to bring good emotions into every day.  I am always, as a reminder to myself; searching of those words, songs, phrases, books, whatever that fill our soul with good -- something that make us feel alive and loved, is what inspires me to make art.  My purpose is for my art to reflect this and that people can feel the same way, not just once but for every time they see my art.  Thank you for allowing me to do that!

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