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Mermaid lover

"You got your own style
Now let it come through
And remember no matter what
You got to be you"

-Sebastian from The Little Mermaid




I have been creating some mermaids lately, watercolours, some digital art and some peg dolls, I am a bit obsessed with this theme and I think that came from happy memories from my childhood. I am from Mexico and when I was young (I will always be :P) my family traveled to the USA for shopping. My Dad always gave us a specific amount of dollars to spend on one toy so me and my brother needed to be very careful to choose the toy. Well, you can imagine I chose mermaids--the ones called Kenner Sea Weeds  Those toys are from the 80's and they had little mermie babies. (you can see them on my pinterest mermaid board here). Those were my favs. Maybe it's not just the happy memory of having that toy but the good memories of traveling with family and accepting the gift that my parents were giving to us. My Dad is with the Lord now but I keep fun memories in my heart of those shopping trips. 

And for you? What was your favourite toy from your childhood? please leave a note below. Thanks for reading me. :)






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