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Try something new...

August 28, 2016



Hi Beautiful people! Finally I can enjoy a drink and relax, I can't believe August almost gone! I hope you have a good summer so far. 
I was watching a video on TED about 30 days challenge, the speaker was talking about try something new for 30 days, very inspiring talk, I will leave the link below so you can watch it too. Well, that inspired me to do something new, not too crazy but definitely was challenging for me. I received an invitation to enter to a children's illustrated book contest with very short time ahead to make it, basically less than 30 days. I said yes and then I was biting my tongue thinking why I say yes? I never have made any children's book and well, I was illustrating every day for 24 days in a road, I was basically in front of my computer day and night, so exhausting and guess what? I MADE IT!!! It's amazing all that you can complete in just 30 days. It was the best? well I don't know! I made it in 24 days! but feels nice have it completed.  I hope we can win, me and the writer. Unfortunately I can not show to you the illustrations because is a contest, but I will, I promise. 

And something that I want to share with you is that in that time, very short time, there was a little voice inside me saying GIVE UP! COME ON, YOU KNOW IS IMPOSSIBLE! YOU KNOW YOU CAN NOT FINISH IT! THERE ARE TOO MANY GOOD ILLUSTRATORS OUT THERE BETTER THAN YOU! and oh boy! is hard to silence that voice sometimes, but inside, deeper in my heart was that beautiful voice saying "I WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL BOOK, I KNOW YOU CAN MAKE ME," that was the voice of the book that wanted to be born, so what I learn from this? that I have a wonderful husband to help me, wonderful cheerers friends and family, and first of  all that you and I we can do it, second that there are always beautiful ideas waiting for you to make them and third that we can silence that stupid voice that wants us to give up. So don't give up on your dreams go and make them, I know you can!

Stay positive, work hard and make it happen!



This is the video link I was talking:





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