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Just if you are not familiar with Animethon here I can explain a lit bit. Animethon is a three-day japanese anime convention, it's a huge show. I had the opportunity to be on the Animethon artist alley this past weekend and has been a big experience for me, I had the c...

April 24, 2018

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Want to learn how to paint watercolour flowers like these?

You can find the entire tutorial on how to paint these watercolour flowers yourself over on Nenaland Blog today. It’s a photo-filled step-by-step tutorial that is per...

Hi there! I'm sharing this super easy watercolour tutorial to make flowers. Are a lot of photos, I just was making sure to have a photo for every step so can be easy for you.

I have been working on watercolour for a few years now and I want to make sure I'm not missin...

Mermaid lovers Series, Watercolour, digital art, custom illustrations and peg dolls by Nenaland Edmonton Alberta

January 4, 2018

 Happy New Year everyone!

2017 brought so much joy to me, this past Christmas I had the opportunity to make a custom family portrait for an excellent blogger Edmonton Mama and I was advertised on her blog, I totally recommend her, she has great tips and advice for fam...

Hi! Some of you have been asking about the Custom Family portrait illustration, here I'm writing about the process, hope this help :)

This is how works:

  • When purchasing please select the number of family members. The pets count as a family members too. :)

  • ...

March 22, 2017

Art with a toddler.

November 23, 2016

Hi there! I haven't write anything lately, I had an amazing Fall, I participated in a drawing challenge called Inktober and was awesome! I will talk about that on another post. Now I want to share with you some news, for those whom have been following my art know that...

August 28, 2016

Hi Beautiful people! Finally I can enjoy a drink and relax, I can't believe August almost gone! I hope you have a good summer so far. 
I was watching a video on TED about 30 days challenge, the speaker was talking about try something new for 30 days, very ins...

July 7, 2016

First of all thank you for reading this, this is my first blog post on my entire life, so hope this inspire someone today. I have been creating all my designs since looooong time ago, when I stopped creating them, they were always on my mind saying, please ke...

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